The Swiss recruitment market: the role of modern consultants

Written by James Greenway, Head of Office, KR Recruitment’s Geneva office

Currently many areas of the Swiss economy have more candidates than roles available meaning that companies looking to recruit have prospective employees knocking at their doors.

In these circumstances, while the mass of CVs generated by normal recruitment channels often makes it easy to fill roles for the company’s core functions, it my not deliver viable candidates for roles where a very specific skillset, experience history or personality is required. For these problematic roles a recruitment consultant may be the most efficient option.

For a company’s internal recruitment function mapping the market to fill just one role or specialist roles is rarely an efficient use of time. For recruitment consultants working for multiple clients at a time it makes sense as, even if a potential candidate isn’t right for one client they may well be right for another.

Identifying the best candidates for more challenging roles often necessitates identifying passive movers – individuals who are not actively looking for a new role but could be persuaded to move for the right opportunity.  

Matching a candidate with the right skills, motivations, experience and personality to fit your brief generally involves a lot of filtering. Having mapped the market, we may contact upward of 50 relevant candidates. We’d then probably speak with around half of them before presenting you with a detailed briefing on the five or so top candidates. The time savings are obvious.

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Tuesday Mar 7, 2017