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Types Of Service Offered

Executive Search:

For specialist roles or senior positions where there are only a finite amount of people qualified for the position, we offer a dedicated executive search solution. This solution is suitable for hiring executive, director and leadership positions within your organisation.

We will formulate a Search Plan that will involve identifying qualified candidates from the market and actively approaching them for the position. We are able to put together an agreed activity and deliverables plan to ensure you are kept up to date with our progress and time parameters. 

We are happy to have an open and honest discussion about the specific search to determine if this methodology is appropriate.

Contingent Search:

This is the “No placement, No fee” model.  This method is highly effective for a large majority of “common” mid level management roles, that are not a highly specilaised. 

In House:

If you require a high volume of recruitment we can offer the perfect solution! We can provide you with a specialised and highly professional recruiter who will be embedded in your team and culture – they will literally sit in your company full time and manage you recruitment as a business partner.

Permanent & Fixed Term Contract:

At present we can supply candidates on a permanent contract basis (full and undetermined contract with the client) or on a fixed term contract (the defined duration of the contract must be 3 months or more, it should also be noted that the employment contract is between the client and the candidate).

If you want to discuss your requirements in more detail, we are happy to have an informal discussion in the first instance.

Luxembourg :
Kieron O'Connor
M: + 352 661 175 610